Employee’s Voices

Akira Yamamoto (57 years old)

It has been 2 years since I joined the business world of hire / taxi drivers. I would like to improve my driving skills, wide-range knowledge of Japan, and English abilities so that I can satisfy customers with my service. Nowadays, the number of foreigners visiting Japan is increasing, so I have a chance to meet customers from many different countries. I used to pick customers up from the airport and sometimes, I take them to sightseeing. There are times when some customers seem to be a little bit tired during traveling, but whenever I send off customers leaving with a big smile, I feel satisfied and happy with this job. I would like to improve myself more so that I can satisfy customers with my driving service.

Toshimitsu Suzuki (45 years old)

I feel that a company like Citycab is full of human warmth and joy. It has already been 2 years since I joined this company, and I’ve been spending a great time with my colleagues. Two years ago, I contacted several taxi companies. Citycab President, Mr. Suzuki, gave warm, heartfelt words to me, so I had a meeting with him.  He very quickly concluded me to join this company. As I was expecting this company before the meeting with him, I felt that Citycab is an excellent company. So if you are looking for a job in taxi business world, please contact Citycab first. You will be able to have an impressive response from Mr. Suzuki. I am looking forward to seeing you all. Let’s start your wonderful life with us.

Yasunobu Harada (69 years old)

For 4 years, I had been working for a low price taxi company. I realized that the low price taxi company did not have a superior car escort service which Citycab is providing. Since I  joined Citycab, the number of my customers have been continuously increasing. I am now able to provide superior and high quality services when  driving a car with Citycab, compared with other taxi companies. I’m studying English so that I can take good care of my customers and support them more than ever. Driving career: 6 years

Naoto Takahashi

I had been working for Big Taxi Company before. When I look back to those days, I was just digesting company assignments and thinking how I could finish my everyday duties as soon as possible. But now, I could result to having almost 80 regular customers. I was able to obtain their trust by satisfying and providing superior services to them. Because Citycab’s management is customer-oriented and we have teamwork operations, even if I have customers at the same time, I can ask another driver to escort my customer. It’s private, but I used to refresh myself in Hawaii every year. I owe it to our company President, Mr. Suzuki.  I believe that Citycab is the best company for drivers who value their customers.

Akira Aranami (Car Operation Management)

Since I joined this company, 3 years has gone by.

I’m in charge of Car operation & management in this company which is quite a homelike atmosphere and comfortable.

Well-experienced drivers are working for this company, and they always give an advice if I would have anything I don’t know.

In future, I hope that I could have a chance to experience a driver and also to contribute this company.

Miki Tamagawa (26 years old)

Secretary of President
Global Sales Department

It is my pleasure working with City Cab Corp.’s Global Sales Department.
I have always wanted to work for a company that provides services for clients that visits Japan. I like working with City Cab as my colleagues are not only fun to work with, but they always do their best at work. I even have bonding time with them during lunch breaks or even after work.

Working with this company gives me a chance to learn more things, have new experiences, and grow in my career. It is nice working with people who interact each other and help one another for the success of the company. This is such a good workplace because the bosses take time to value the employees and listen to each other’s thoughts and feedbacks. I enjoy working here and the tasks given to me keep me motivated.

Citycab is pleased to have any requests and inquiries from customers.
We will pick up and drop off our customers around Tokyo area; not only at the airport, but also at any location that our customers request.