Explanation of the difference between Hire and Taxi.



Hire-Taxi is the car service that you can utilize your reserved time only for yourself.


Letters of Hire are “h, i, r, e” in English.
“Hire” means “hiring employee with payment”.


Price table is different between “Hire-Taxi and standard Taxi.
In the case of Taxi, the cost will be charged from the moment of taking a taxi to dropping-off.
In the case of “Hire-Taxi”, the cost will be charged from the moment of driving out of Garage to driving back to the garage.
Also, there is different way of payment and bill between “Hire-Taxi and standard Taxi”.


Sample of Hire usage:

① Picking-up and dropping-off around Tokyo area
②We can offer the laxury Hire car with the secured safe and comfortable space during Tokyo sightseeing.
③ Picking-up and dropping-off at golf club.
④ We especially offer the utilization of Hire-taxi picking-up and dropping-off at airport.
⑤ We can offer English support for you without any stress and anxiety during driving

Hire-taxi used to be utilized Special treatment and entertainment for guests and customers.
Standard-taxi used to be taken as a normal ways of moving.
A waiting time for customers will be also costed in the case of “Hire”.